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Addie the Magic Maker

Updated: Mar 2

In the course of teaching homeschool writing and language arts, I meet many, many gifted and motivated students. Some have minds that simply amaze me: Addie is one of these creative geniuses. Her mind is simply a magic maker!

I'd like to introduce you to Addie. I have the great honour of sharing her very first digitally published short story!

Addie Sharalynn Worms might seem rather an ordinary type of girl living in a very small rural community in Manitoba Canada. She loves animals (the story of taming her new kitten is simply stunning!) and is a creative that loves to do art of all kinds: drawing, painting, sculpting in polymer clay...

What really grabs you is the way she writes. She has insight into ideas beyond her 14 years and most of all she has descriptive skills that make her stories simply come alive.

Addie Sharalynn Worms is a dream-big girl with a love for fiction writing and animals. She usually lives with her family of seven in Plum Coulee, Manitoba, when she is not immersed in books or wild plans.

The Typewriter is a fantastical, intriguing, and rich story about Celeste.

Swirling color burrowed into her very soul, dancing in her hands, the pure strains of blues, reds, and greens unlike anything she had ever seen

Celeste is a different girl, a strange girl.

They spelled out her name, whispered in her ear, surrounding her comfortingly, their overwhelming hues brighter than the most vibrant rainbow.

Dreams haunt her nights, and her mother haunts her day.

It blinded her eyes, ears and nose, the heavenly smell of pure color, the sounds of the chroma whispering, shrieking, and laughing everywhere.

When a mysterious typewriter falls into her hands, what will she do with the truth she finds about it? Will she allow it to shape her life, or break it?

Are you ready to dive into this amazing world? Get ready for the ride and just click the beautiful original artwork that Addie has created for her book!

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