Virtual Tutoring



Choose the Sharon Watson Curriculum you prefer and meet weekly with your language arts mentor for 1-hour sessions.  Work through the text just like in a class but receive individual guidance each step of the way and learn the things you need to succeed at the course.


You and your student have dreams and you need support to get there.  Needs-based tutoring allows your mentor to work specifically on the areas where your student needs help.  Your mentor will assess skills, prepare a plan, and work with your student weekly (or more or less often as you wish). 

High School Student

Hourly tutoring on a weekly or monthly basis is $50 an hour.

Commit to a full year and pay bi-annually - 28 weekly sessions ( a full curriculum or year of tutoring) is $40 per hour ($35 per hour if you tutor 2x per week)

Parent Review

--Suzanne, Manitoba, Canada

Private Tutoring

Theresa is very good with instruction and getting the. words across to the student. She is open to ideas and shares input. I highly recommend her.