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Writing and Literature

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How Much Does it Cost?

Great question - this is always my first question, so I wanted to put this first.    Here's the short answer - Class costs are dependent on the number of students enrolled.  


           Class costs are dependent on the number of students enrolled.  

           With 3-5 students the classes will be $18-25 per hour of instruction

           With 6+ students the classes will be $15 per hour of instruction

           For a small group tutor (1-4 students) for one of these classes the 

           cost is $70 per hour divided among the students.


                  $50/hr for 1/wk

                  $40/hr for 2+ hours/week 

          Essay Feedback: 

                  $30 per essay for most essays

                  $25 per essay if you buy grading packages of 4+ essays


2.  What Courses Are You Offering?

This is a little confusing - I get it. You're used to seeing a set schedule.  I work differently.  Since I teach small classes for families that have specific ideas about what they want and need (what homeschooler doesn't?) I leave that up to the parents.    I have a list of courses that I am offering next year.  As registrations of intent come in I will list the courses that I will market; this takes just 2 students.


Some parents want to create their own course! See the next question. 


3.  I Can Create My Own Course?

Yes!  If there is something you want your student to learn specifically there are probably others that are interested too.  Contact me and we'll set up a course.  Then we'll invite others to join the course too.  


4.  Do You Have Discounts?
Yes!  My most used discount is the referral discount - this is especially great if you have a course you want and friends that are interested too!

For every family that you refer you get $10 off.

5. What is a Language Arts Mentor?

That is a common question.  I am so much more than a teacher; I am a mentor.  Mentors help you move toward your goals.   I give individualized help to students so they can move from where they are to where they want and need to go.  I work with students and parents to revise and tweak the plan so they are more engaged and motivated learners and able to succeed.  You can read my blog on this here.

6.  What is Involved in a Course?

Courses have a one hour class every week for 28 weeks in the year.  That isn't a lot of weeks compared to conventional school so we work really hard for 14 weeks (with a reading week in each term), have a long Christmas break then get back at it for another intense 14 weeks.  This allows for a lower cost course (since I charge based on teaching hours) and more value to my students who learn to apply themselves and work hard.  

Each course has a midterm and final report as well as support directly from me via emails.  

Beyond that the course requirements are all a little different so check the course information for those details. 

7.  What Platform do you Use for Your Classes?

For classes we use zoom.

For homework and document sharing I use Canvas to keep everything in one place and streamline homework.  

For document sharing I use google docs.

8.  Is this a Christian Course?
Courses are taught from a Christian worldview when that presents itself.  Sharon Watson's curricula is based on a Christian view as well. 

Tutoring is student led so Christian content is student/family directed.

I have addressed this in full on this page

It was awesome being able to learn more about writing and being able to do it with other people during COVID.  My books will look better because of this.

-Ethan (student, 3 day Fiction Writing Workshop)
My son is Learning 
How To Write!!!

-Ruth G. (parent Gr. 9-12 Write + LIt)
Mrs. Peters is a great teacher, she loves what she does and is good at doing it. I think that I as one of her latest students in her zoom class have gotten much better at writing in essay forms and it is all because of her.

-Violet (student gr 6-8 Write + LIt)
Discern to Learn has been a wonderful fit for our family. Theresa goes above and beyond to work with families. She is so willing to meet you where you are and help you reach your goals. I greatly appreciate the affordability of her classes and the resources the chooses. We are greatly blessed by her services!

- Cara (parent Gr 9-12 Write + LIt)

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