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A Hope That Shines Through

Updated: Mar 2

Every single time I get to publish a student I get excited!

My homeschool language arts students are the best and although I may be a tad biased, their determination to follow through on a publishing project gives me a thrill!

It is no easy task to write, improve, edit, and create a pdf ebook, and my students work through this long project mostly independently!

CONGRATULATIONS Evangeline on a job well done!

I had an interview with Evangeline that I'd like to share here:

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? What do you do in your free time?

"I love listening to music, biking, and baking."

You are clearly a very creative person. What other things motivate you?

" I love animals and working to rescue them. I like spending my summer days outside."

What are your thoughts about the Homeschool Fiction Skills class with Discern To Learn that you just finished?

"This class was very fun, it let me use my creativity. I would recommend taking it! It taught me a lot about proper grammar and showed me how to write awesome stories."

How do you see writing stories in your adult life?

"There will definitely be writing in my future. Although it might not be my full-time job, I will be writing for fun in my free

Here is Evangeline's book! Enjoy!

A Hope That Shines Within

(just click the image)

Want to learn writing skills? Registration for Fiction Skills is happening now! This course enrolls every 3 months! Terms start in September, January, and April.

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