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What is Wrong With My Kid?!

Updated: Feb 12

What is the Big Deal with Language Arts? Just write this (fill in the blank) I know you can!

Still, your preteen or teen avoids, lashes out, cries, storms to their room and yep slams the door. And THIS is why you're finding support from Discern To Learn for your language arts journey (whether you homeschool or not!). We all need support and help! I want to help you help them. No one should learn or teach alone! I've been there. Oh - YES I have! The emotions are maddening to us and seem traumatic to our kids! What can be done? Writing is so important! Learning to do hard things is so important!

Don't Give Up - Don't Give In - Learn More!

Other subjects have their own emotions but writing seems to especially trigger our kids.

I FEEL THE SAME WAY EVERY TIME I WRITE! For real! Every time I have to write a magazine article, blog post, or ebook I am nervous - and even often avoid it! (Truth: I've been procrastinating this email all day!) Despite my training, my experience, and my vocation, writing is an emotional thing.

screaming teen
Writing essays or paragraphs is an emotionally charged task!

Now imagine your child - washed in hormones - afraid of standing out, being wrong, saying something "dumb" or worse yet letting you down.

Writing Is Hard whether you homeschool or not!

That's why I want to teach parents to understand all the fears involved in writing and how they can help give their students the confidence to learn and excel despite their feelings. I have a special video training just for you. You don't have to go it alone!

You've needed a shoulder to cry on... I know I have - so let it all out!

Shoot me an email now! I'm here for you! (

Looking for a solution? Learn more about LEVEL UP Writing - our 12-week writing tutor classes to boost confidence, and self-motivation and give students the skills they need to write powerful paragraphs (more than 4 sentences long!) or full MLA standard research essays!

Go ahead - click the button! Doesn't hurt to check it out ... and there are freebies!


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