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Discern to Learn Difference

About Discern To Learn:
Discern to Learn is a small  language arts provider where your student comes first.  

We offer Christian Worldview programs in writing tutoring, and full language arts for gr 6-12.  

Every program is based on 3 learning pillars: 

  • Growth Mindset and Self-Management

  • Critical Logical Thinking for Persuasive Writing

Our Mission is to:

See Jesus glorified in this world through prepared, confident, self-disciplined persuasive young adults who can go out with the skills they will need to be successful in the marketplace and persuasive in their ability to share truth. 

Language Arts is the Key to Success.  

Try out the Discern To Learn writing method in this multi grade 4 week class.

(Gr 6-12)

This class won't have all the amazing benefits of a full course because we will not be working on self-motivation and self-discipline skills... BUT

Your student will get all the advantages of a Discern To Learn class:
🔥  Weekly live Virtual Class
🔥  Google Classroom weekly assignments

🔥  Full feedback on every assignment

🔥  Writing Process Training

Click the Here to register.

Deadline for registration is FRIDAY JULY 19!

-ACT NOW before the class is full.

FREE E-Guides!

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Reap all the benefits of Discern To Learn

Your Student Develops:




-writing skills

-life success skills

With Constant Support:

-weekly peer accountable class

-weekly mindset clinic

-1:1 mentoring /homework help 

You Find:

-margin in your week with no LA teaching

-confidence that LA is covered well

-improved relationship with your student

Get Your Questions Answered

Go ahead - download one or more of those free eguides... or just book a time to chat!

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