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Language Arts with a Purpose

Christian Worldview that

Prepares for Real Life Success

Ready to Help Your Child

Think Critically and

Become a Persuasive Speaker and Writer?

Learn the Discern To Learn Method!

5 Steps to Language Arts

with a Purpsose

Download the free e-guide:  5 Steps To Language Arts With a Purpose

Inside the Guide:

STEP 1: Be challenged to ask hard questions so they can know why they hold their beliefs and share them with others


STEP 2: Be held accountable in a group of like-minded peers to learn self-motivation and discipline.


STEP 3: Challenge themselves to commit to learn writing and growth mindset skills


STEP 4: Learn to have friendly discussions and prove their ideas logically

STEP 5: Dream BIG and chase God dreams with diligence.


BONUS: An invitation to join our Private Language Arts Sucess Learning Community!

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