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Wise as A Serpent... Choosing Homeschool Literature

Updated: Mar 2

The newest issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is out! It's possible I may be just a tad bit more excited than usual... there's a reason... I'm featured in this issue! The article is about one of my favorite topics: Care in Choosing Literature

"On my first day of university, a fall breeze rustled the leaves of the trees in the green space surrounding the brick and glass-walled buildings. Flawless sidewalks marked out avenues but I often chose to try new routes. It is an imperfect analogy, but our children's minds are like my college campus. As parents, we have created a space of learning with pathways of belief systems and moral excellence... Should we have "Keep off the grass" signs?"

  • How can we know what to allow?

  • How can we train our children to follow Christ, and let them become independent teens and adults choosing to follow for themselves?

  • What does literature in our homeschool have to do with this? Click the magazine cover above to find out!

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