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Free Fiction Workshop

3 days  story development workshop
July 6-8; 10-11 a.m. zoom classes daily
Students will earn about idea generation, story building, strong writing, improving writing tips.  

 -For students that are just finishing grades 5-11.  

 -Mixed age class - If however the class becomes large I will divide it into groups according to ages, and times will be back to back (ex.  9-10 a.m.; 10-11 a.m.)

Register Here!  Registrations will Close June 28 or when the class is full.  Register ASAP!

Three Supportive Options

How can I Support Your Big Dreams in 2021-2022?

Virtual Team Meeting
Virtual Classes
& Video Companions

Weekly virtual classes using Sharon Watson's writing and literature curriculum.  The curricula you trust with teaching you can rely on to stimulate and encourage your student. 

Virtual Conference
Virtual Tutoring

Virtual tutoring with just your student in mind!  You may opt for  Sharon Watson's curricula for students who just need that extra help, or you may choose a needs-based tutoring plan that will work from what your student knows and guide them to their personal goals.

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Essay Feedback

Professional feedback on your student's essays is just a few clicks away.  Each essay receives personal attention to form, grammar, punctuation and writing excellence.  Students receive feedback on what they are doing right, and how to improve next time.   

I'm Theresa, Your Language Arts Mentor

I find the most joy from seeing students achieve their dreams!  My day has been a huge success when Your student shows how amazing they truly are!

To make these amazing days happen, I personalize all teaching so students start wherever they are and continue to grow and learn throughout the entire course!


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