Writing and Literature

For Your Homeschool

Three Supportive Options

How can I Support Your Big Dreams in 2021-2022?

Virtual Team Meeting
Virtual Classes
& Video Companions

Weekly virtual classes using Sharon Watson's writing and literature curriculum.  The curricula you trust with teaching you can rely on to stimulate and encourage your student. 

Every student - and every year is different.  Is this the year for a short learning intensive on a topic? Mini-Courses are for you

Are you looking for the same focused, individualized learning for students that need some extra time, less pressure, or may have some learning needs? Lite courses are what you're looking for!

Virtual Conference
Virtual Tutoring

Virtual tutoring with just your student in mind!  You may opt for  Sharon Watson's curricula for students who just need that extra help, or you may choose a needs-based tutoring plan that will work from what your student knows and guide them to their personal goals.

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Essay Feedback

Professional feedback on your student's essays is just a few clicks away.  Each essay receives personal attention to form, grammar, punctuation and writing excellence.  Students receive feedback on what they are doing right, and how to improve next time.   

I'm Theresa, Your Language Arts Mentor

I find the most joy from seeing students achieve their dreams!  My day has been a huge success when Your student shows how amazing they truly are!

To make these amazing days happen, I personalize all teaching so students start wherever they are and continue to grow and learn throughout the entire course!


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Theresa was my English teacher for a fiction class in gr. 12.  Before entering the class, I really hoped that I would be able to write confidently.  After finishing the class taught by her, I can say I feel confident to write for fun or professionally after high school.

-The Tanner Show
Theresa  is very good with instruction and getting the concepts across to the student. She is open to ideas and shares input. I highly recommend her.

Amazing teacher!  I’m so thankful to have found her. My daughter went from hating to write, to now loving it. Theresa is very organized and professional. Will be continuing her classes.

Theresa has worked with my three kids (grade 11, 10, & 8) for the past few years. She has been a terrific teacher and mentor to them all, and has brought them such a long way in their understanding and analysis of literature, and in fiction writing. I have no hesitations recommending Theresa…anyone would be fortunate to have her teaching them.

-Ruth B.