Seven Week Essay Writing Intensive

The is a short writing intensive course that focuses on excellence in writing an advanced research paper.  There will be notetaking practice, and teaching, research and sources teaching, grammar and editing, essay outlining for a longer essay that includes rebuttals and a more complicated composition.


There is no curriculum for this course and the homework is given via google docs. 


Students will work from start to the end of the planning stage for one essay, and then start again and complete - start to finish- an upper level research position paper.  

There is No Video Class offered for this curriculum.  
In Person Or Virtual Classes:

The parent / student will have a private email address for help and  1 hour of video conference class time per week.  All grading and personal feedback and encouragement is included!
$10 / week / student for classes of 6+ students

+$40 /week (per class not per student)
 for classes of 2-3 students (add $5 per week for extra students)
$50 per hour for one-on-one tutoring
DISCOUNT:  Families hosting a class with 7 or more students receive a 25% discount off one student.


Arrange a class in your area by video conference, or in person  in Winnipeg South 

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