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The Word

Words and Meanings Matter - It's Why I do This!

So what do I mean: Words - "Word" - The Word?

Each of these has unique and important meanings to me - so important to me that I want to share a bit more about who I am. Discern To Learn is about discerning - knowing truth from a lie.


About Now You Should be Wondering 

"What is TRUTH to this person that wants to mentor my student?"

Words Matter

I believe in the power of words - that what you say and how you say it can bring life or death - can influence others for good or evil. This is why learning to write and speak effectively makes a difference. Your student needs to be able to use their words to great effect whether orally or in writing.

"Word" Matters

"Word" has come to mean "True" in our modern world; it is a way to say

"Yes! That is the truth!"

Truth matters. In our world of news media circuses are meant not only to feed the public's appetites but to distract from other events, finding the truth is vitally important. 


Learning to question, research, and recognize fallacies is an important life skill, especially in our digital age.


The Word

Where do we find Truth? What is truth? How can we know?

I believe that the Bible is the perfect Word of God; it is His message to us. Here is a short list of my core beliefs (you should be wondering this about Every person who has an influence on your student's life and learning!) 

  • Every person is imperfect and in need of rescue 

  • It doesn't matter how "good" we are

  • God wants a relationship on a personal level with each of us

  • We cannot be in a relationship with a Holy God because we have sin in our lives and this creates a barrier

  • God sent Jesus to break down that barrier and allow us to have a relationship with God

  • It is only by Faith (trusting Him) and Grace (God's free gift) and not because of anything we have done that we can enter His family

Does this Come Up in Class?

My classes are based on the curricula of Sharon Watson. Her curricula includes references to the Bible, as well as writing work based on Biblical passages.   World view building is a vital component of all my Language Arts Courses.


In my tutor classes, I never bring up the topic of faith, but you need to know that if it arises I will be true to my faith and worldview and teach students to question the world's views and look to the Bible for their answers.  I take my cue from students; I am not there to teach them what to believe. Should the topic arise I will lead students to the Bible to find their answers and will ask questions to guide them to God and His Word. 


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