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Virtual Classes Complete Support

These all-in-one virtual courses include:

  • weekly virtual classes 

  • a homework schedule 

  • all grading, feedback, and encouragement

  • email support 

  • 5  virtual support sessions per term to ensure your student's success

What's Going On? This is Different from Last Year!!
Yes - I'm in the process of making some changes to be able to help more students!  

Each year will be comprised of 3 x12 week terms.  Students can start at any term of the year -if your student needs a catch-up for essays they will get a quick crash course  1 hr call for all merging students.

For less than the price of a tutor session, your student enjoys the benefits of class with the advantages of personal support.

Make a Plan

Success is important - it starts now and leads to a bright future.  Book a time to discuss how this class will support your worldview, Lay a Vital Language Arts Foundation, and Take Your Learner on a Path of Leadership.

12 Week Tutoring Course

A 12-week tutoring intensive to fill gaps, create a framework for future success, and improve writing skills to ensure life success!

For Struggling Students.png

Gr 5-6 Using Sharon Watson's Curricula

16 Week Mini Fiction Skills Fall Session (5).png
A 12 week introduction to essay report writing and literature.  

A new course starting every 12 weeks!

Gr 6-8 Using Sharon Watson's Curricula

Writing and Literature using Jump In 2nd, edition.

3 terms - 12 weeks each
Start at the start of any term. 
Sept, Jan, or April
6-8 write + lit.png

Gr 9-12 Using Mrs. Peters' Curriculum alongside Sharon Watson's

Wix store Products.png
Literature and Writing
World Literature to shift your student's view of the world and consider global issues 

Power in Your Hands for Writing.

3 terms - 12 weeks each
Start at the start of any term. 
Sept, Jan, or April

Gr 9-12 Using Sharon Watson's Curricula

A stand-alone Advanced Fiction Course for High School Writers.

3 terms - 12 weeks each
Start at the start of any term. 
Sept, Jan, or April
9-12 fiction.png

Fiction Skills with Mrs. Peters' Curriculum

DIY Courses Images.png
A 12 Week Introduction to necessary fiction skills.

A new course starting every 12 weeks subject to enrolment! 
Sept, Jan, and April
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