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Never Learn Alone

Learning is hard - Teaching is hard.
Find the support you need right here.

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Fortify Worldview - Change the World

Critical Thinking and Persuasive Communication Creates World Changers

  • equip your student to read with eyes wide open to the messages of the culture

  • prepare students for the college/university of their dreams

  • create confident and persuasive thinkers, speakers, and writers

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The Program Term Roadmap

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Student Success Session to assess gaps and roadblocks and make an initial plan for your Student.

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Student Success Center private student/parent community for continued support and peer learning

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Student Planning Vision Meeting to set your student up for habit tracking and success in the program and in life.

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1:1 Support Calls support for when your student needs support and encouragement

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Weekly group classes in a motivated environment to give your student peer interaction and friends for the journey.

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Parent Student Meetings at 6 weeks and 12 weeks of the program to keep parents in the loop and students accountable

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