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Writing is Like Baking: Learn the Process

Writing. It seems like an open and closed thing to just write something down, but it is not.

Writing is like baking -
It is a multi-step process that
takes skills each step of the way.

Students often do not understand. They think there's something wrong with them - that they "can't write". Really, they just need to know that putting the words on the page is only the first step (actually... it isn't even the first step!... )

The pre-writing process many steps (and sub-steps!)

  • Topic Generation

  • Brainstorming

  • Research

  • Careful documentation of research notes and sources

  • Argument Building

  • Thesis Statement Development

  • Outline - Planning

Then you can write - it is time for the first draft!

]Then the editing process takes over:

  • Revision

  • Editing for the basics - complete sentences, spelling and ideas

  • Editing for commas (this will take many read throughs)

  • Sentence Improvement

  • Editing - again!

Then the post-writing phase

  • Formatting the paper

  • Creating a works cited page

  • Adding or tweaking In text citations

Back to Editing!

  • Check it over again

  • Edit to the marking rubric

  • Get someone else to read it and give feedback

  • Fix mistakes

  • Edit again

Print your finished Essay!

Sometimes I wonder why we call it the writing process; it seems to be mostly editing! The editing is a huge process- one that most students do not budget time for at all! Editing is the part that makes a good paper a great paper!

A Video Course???

Constructing an Essay Mini-Course is now available! You can learn more about this course and others at at:

Or contact me today to schedule tutoring to help your student learn the writing process to overcome fear, trample self-doubt, and conquer writing angst!

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