Why Do I Use Sharon Watson's Curricula?

I'm glad you asked!

First, let me tell you that I am Not an affiliate of hers and I receive no benefit from the sale of her texts. She has, however, given me permission to use her texts, and supplies me with the ones I use free of charge.

More importantly... These courses are complete, challenging, and relevant for upper-level and post-secondary work! I like to teach with purpose and these texts allow me to teach students the skills needed to excel at critical thought, editing, organizing essays, and expressing themselves!

I love that the texts are written directly to the student in language they can understand. They work systematically through skills and continue to build on previous skills and increase expectations. These are simply solid teaching tools that students and parents can use with ease to learn the skills they need!

The writing texts: Jump In and Power in Your Hands prepare students to think critically, organize effective and persuasive arguments, and express their ideas in carefully and creatively crafted ways! They are both Christian Worldview curricula that will sometimes include writing assignments based on the Bible. The Writing Fiction in High School Text is an amazing advanced fiction skills textbook that prepares students for fiction writing beyond high school.

The Literature texts in the Illuminating Literature series use challenging books to increase students' reading levels and challenge and stretch comprehension. Written from a Christian Worldview, they challenge students to consider their beliefs and guard their minds with discerning reading. My students look carefully at the background and beliefs of the author to assess bias and to watch for it while reading. Words change thoughts and it is imperative for our students to interact with this world in a way that preserves and supports their personal worldviews, all the while learning the literary analysis skills that will expand their learning and thinking in ways that surprise us all!

Sharon Watson's texts are a great addition to your homeschool.

If you're looking for some more support in using them, I offer grading services or weekly classes (all grading feedback, homework management and reporting is included).

Questions??? This is one of my favorite topics!! DiscernToLearn@gmail.com or contact me through my form on pretty much every page of my website!

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