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Teen Peer Pressure: A Positive

Updated: Feb 12

Peer Pressure Gets a Bad Rap.

You know what I mean:

Peer pressure gets a bad rap

But Peer Pressure is always the BEST WAY to reach a positive outcome!

Research shows that no matter what your goals if you voice to someone else you have a 65% chance of completing them.

If however, you have one or more people to keep you accountable, your chances increase to 95%! (reference)

Your Student's best chance to succeed is to have someone to keep them accountable your teen will reach their goals!

BUT .... what about Peers? As homeschoolers, we are not looking for our kids to be like everyone else... right?

I guess that depends on who the "everyone else" ARE! What if everyone else is dreaming big, setting goals, falling down, and getting back up to press on? That is positive peer pressure at its best.

Peer-Based Environments:

There are excellent studies that show that peer-based enriched environments are the perfect place for learning and mentoring. In fact, our brains are wired to learn and grow in supportive groups! (no surprise to homeschoolers!) (reference)

Now that you have a preteen or teen you'll have noticed how important their friends are to them. God made us this way!

God's Plan for Peer Connection

God created us to mature, break away from our parents, and move on to our own nuclear family, but in this world now, we have these in-between years. Years when our children are physically mature and in the past would have taken on adult responsibilities. Our teens are left in a peer connection limbo - years of breaking away slowly and attaching outside our homes. Find a Supportive Peer Group We all need peer groups. You know you need them and I know I need them. It shouldn't surprise us that our teens need them too. We cannot be enough forever. Is your student part of a supportive peer group that can motivate them and hold them accountable to reach their goals? If not, perhaps Discern To Learn Classes will provide the beginnings of those connections. Learn more about how I use my classes to provide a positive peer pressure environment for my students (and how you can replicate this process too!) You can download my guide: 5 Steps to Language Arts with Purpose right here at this link.

Get your free guide to Language Arts with Purpose!

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