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HELP! My Kid Hates Writing!

Have you stopped to wonder why? What is it that makes writing such a battle?

Doing large projects like a writing piece takes a kind of tenacity that we are not born with, and writing has a lot of individual pieces. If a student is missing any one of those pieces the work becomes fraught with anxiety, shame, and discouragement. Continuing a long drawn out project while also fearing failure, exposure, and ridicule is disheartening indeed!

As a parent, you can help by breaking the process down into manageable chunks and modeling this project management skill for your student to learn. Begin by having clear and measurable expectations for each step so your student can be confident in their ability to succeed! As you go through the writing process step by step (brainstorming, researching, organization, the outline of the argument, writing, and editing) sit with them and walk them through teaching them how. No one is born just knowing how to write.

Your student can learn to love writing when they learn that writing is something they can understand and conquer; you are the conduit of learning!

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