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Language Arts Mentor? Discover the Difference a Mentor Makes

So what is a Language Arts Mentor - aren't they just a teacher with a different name? A mentor is a trusted advisor, someone who has travelled your road and can help you past the pitfalls.

To me,
there is a big difference
between a teacher and a mentor.
A good teacher will also be a mentor,
but a true mentor is not
only a teacher!

As a language arts mentor, I am more concerned about progress than curriculum, character than completion, and life skills than testing. I use curricula often to guide the learning, but I am not bound by it. Where gaps present themselves we can slow down and address them. When a student needs guidance on an assignment we can work together and I can pattern the work for them to learn from. A language arts mentor walks the road with the student to accomplish their goals, develop their character, and meet the learning requirements.

A mentor:

  • considers the student's and parents' goals

  • assesses for learning gaps

  • guides each step of the way

  • demonstrates how to learn

  • patterns skills

  • encourages discipline and character development

  • motivates in dry times

  • celebrates the milestones

Just imagine what a Language Arts Mentor can help you achieve!

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