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Theresa Peters

Writer, Blogger, Teacher, Marketer:  Entrepreneur





87 De La Seigneurie Blvd

Winnipeg, MB, R3X 1S2

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A Bit About Me

Everybody has a story, and it is usually more complex than a tidy list of work experience!  My story is no different.  I have wanted to teach as long as I can remember, but I soon learned from experience as a substitute teacher that I did not want to work in the public school system.  My shiny BA (hons Classics and literature) sat on the shelf; I was unaware of the skills I had learned and saw it as a waste.  

With the coming of children and the daily chaos, I found joy in teaching my children and soon discovered that by following their abilities, and teaching what they needed when they were ready to learn they were overprepared for Kindergarten so I kept them home and continued to homeschool.  Now my hard-won skills from University came into play.  I researched and read. I tested and succeeded (and sometimes failed).  I accumulated every scrap of information I could to deal with my family's particular needs and like a sponge absorbed information about the needs of my friends' children as well. I came into my own.

Now I face the world with confidence in my abilities, and equal confidence that when needed I can rise to the challenge and overcome difficulties through research, commitment, and bravely stepping out into new abilities.

Work Experience

April 2020-Present



Discern To Learn:  Launching a business was a learning curve, but I am a fast learner.  I did all my own website design, marketing, Facebook posts, and blogging.  My classes were a great success and my student roster continues to grow.  Discern To Learn offers Virtual Classes, Downloadable Resources, Private Tutoring, and Writing Feedback.

Sphere Media Agency:  At Sphere, I work in digital marketing,  social media marketing, website copywriting, updating, and editing.  A cohesive branding and voice is vital in business and by managing all the pieces I can be most loyal to the customer's core values and message.

SAY Magazine:  I began at SAY Magazine as an editor to improve my editing and writing skills, and now have progressed to writing, editing, subscription management and sales.  I am multi-talented and I see the big picture.

Writing: Blogs, Articles, Website and Ad Copy:  I write a lot! I have designed, populated, and continued to write, and manage a brand-new blog for a client.  I have written guest posts on behalf of my own business, and for clients and maintain an active literacy education blog.  I have done work designing, and writing website copy and ad copy for my own clients as well as those for Sphere Media. For magazines, I do editing and writing for SAY Magazine and have articles coming soon in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

     This is my homeschool period.  During this time, I invested in the things that matter first: family and a learning lifestyle.  I grew in character, commitment to learning, and confidence.  Through research and self-guided exploration, I obtained a wealth of practical knowledge regarding learning styles, education styles, and managing emotional and physical challenges with learners.

    In my son's grade 9 year (2012) I began teaching writing and literature classes to his group of peers and this sprang into teaching both middle school and high school classes in 2018.  In 2020, my youngest child entered the public system and I launched my own business. 

Kindermusik:  Always a singer, and a proponent of early literacy education, Kindermusik was the perfect fit.  This was my first foray into entrepreneurship and it was a great success running in the local library.  In 2008 I hired my first employee to accommodate extra classes in the school system for early years students. 


During this period, I worked various jobs in the different communities in which we lived including:  CIBC, Skyward Aviation, Frontier School Division



Grad 1998


University of Tasmania

Dementia Care Course

University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies and Literature

Laubach Literacy

Literacy Trainer Course

Writing Portfolio

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