Class Offerings


1.  Will ALL these courses be running this year?

Not necessarily.  These are all the courses I am offering.  I will run courses for classes that have enough enrolment (min 5 students)

2.  How much will it cost?  

Class costs are dependent on the number of students enrolled.  

With 3-5 students the classes will be $18-25 per hour of instruction

With 6+ students the classes will be $15 per hour of instruction

For a small group tutor (1-4 students) for one of these classes the cost is $70 per hour divided among the students.

3.  I heard you do Custom Classes?
YES!  Do you have a student for whom you would like to custom build a class?  I will do that!  You can have the class 1:1, small group or full class.  I ask that you help me promote your class; besides it's so much fun to be in a class with friends!

4.  Discounts?
YES!  For each new family you refer to Discern to Learn you receive $10 off your bill!  

Please email me if you have more questions!

Gr 6-8 Offerings

Gr 6-8.png
Gr 6-8 Fiction Mini.png

Gr 6-12 Offerings

Gr 6-12 Grammar for Editing.png
Gr 6-12 Fiction Mini.png

All Complete Curricula Includes
  the Get Smart Grammar Course
or the Smart Punctuation Course 

by Elizabeth O'Brian of Grammar Revolution

Student Review

--Naomi, Indiana, USA

Gr 9-12 Write + Lit

Mrs. Peters is a great teacher! She is always challenging us to look at the other side of the argument when writing a persuasive paper or at something from a new angle in the books we read.  I love her enthusiasm to teach and her encouragement!