Book Clubs are a fun way to encourage reading, learn about literary analysis (symbols, motifs, and themes), and foster deep friendships.  So gather your favorite people and I'll arrive for a virtual class into your living room!


Book clubs meet every 3-4 weeks (to allow time to read the book)

$10 per student per 1 1/2 hour book club.  (min 6 participants)


*If you organize your own book club in your home or a location you organize with 7 or more participants, your student is free!

*Commit to an entire stream and get 1 study free!

Please Note:  Billing will be in Canadian dollars if you live in Canada.  If you live in the U.S.A or elsewhere billing will be made in USD.

Book List

  • Pudd’nhead Wilson by Mark Twain

  • The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

  • A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

  • Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals

  • Peter Pan by Sir James Barrie

  • The Friendly Persuasion by Jessamyn West

  • The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells


This is a solid high school literature list that mirrors the Illuminating Literature class


Now a virtual class scheduled for 2020-2021



Arrange a class in your area by video conference.  

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